Fortschritt ZT 323A transmission oil

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Fortschritt ZT 323A transmission oil

Beitrag  aramis am Sa 18 Nov 2017, 11:20

Hi everyone,

I am from Romania and I have a problem with Fortschritt ZT 323A that nobody here can solve it.
I need to change the transmission oil and Elisabeth Siemer from Trakula was kind to give me the maintenance page but it says it's for 323 not 323A and is HLP 68, which is hydraulic.

I don't know much about transmissions but I think this one is mechanical and not hydraulic.

If you can shed some light on my problem would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Fortschritt ZT 323A transmission oil

Beitrag  GTSchrauber am Sa 18 Nov 2017, 17:26

the HLP 68 is the right oil. Transmission and Hydraulik oil are from the same reservoir. Under the right side, under the battery, the reservoir for the oil. Between the Transmission and the reservoir is a connecting line.
The ZT 323 and the ZT 323 A are the same.I hope that I can help you.


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